Accepted File Size & Type

Accepted File Size & Type

Liscio has a file size limit of 2GB per file

Below is a list of accepted file types: 

1. jpg | jpeg | png | gif | pdf | postscript | x-eps |
tif | tiff | txt | text

2. docx | doc | dotx | docm | dotm

3. xls | xlt | xla | xlsx | xlsm | xltx | xltm | xlsb | xlam | csv | tsv

4. pptx | ppt | potx | pot | ppsx | pps | pptm | potm | ppsm | ppam

5. zip

6. mp3

7. qbb | qbw

8 .EPS | .AI

9 .QFX | .QBX | .QBA


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