Account Owner, What Does That Mean?

Account Owner, What Does That Mean?

Account Ownership grants a Contact viewing and editing privileges of their Account.  They can also invite other contacts, like a spouse, business partner, banker, etc., into Liscio.

There can be multiple Account Owners per Account.

Account Owners can only see their personal messages and tasks.

As an Account Owner, Contacts have access to the following Account information:

  1. Details (Note: Account Owners can edit basic account information. Client Service Teams will be notified of changes.) 
    1. Account Details
    2. Login Details
    3. Payroll Details
  2. Contacts tied to the account (not editable)
    1. Can invite Contacts to their Account
  3. All Account Files (Exception: Firm Only files)
  4. Billing 

An Account Owner's View:

Note: If Account Ownership is taken away, users will no longer have access to the Account through the Accounts tab and users will no longer have access to files that are not directly tied to their Contact record. 

To assign Account Ownership:

  1. Navigate to an Account
  2. Click the Contacts tab
  3. Hover over a Contact
  4. Click Edit

  5. Check the Account owner? box
  6. Click Update

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