Adding Multiple Recipients to a Task

Adding Multiple Recipients to a Task

First, let's think about what a Task is.  A Task in Liscio can be any request from your firm to a particular client.  We have designed Tasks for the purpose of holding the recipient accountable.  To do this effectively, we allow a Task to be assigned to a single recipient. 

If multiple Contacts are assigned to a task, they have no way of knowing who is responsible for sending over the information.  For example, you have a Dental Office that has several staff members.  You create a Task for the Office Manager and Billing Receptionist asking for last week's payroll information. If they both think the other person will take care of this. you may not receive that important information on time or spend time following up on the items not received.

Liscio is here to streamline your communication channels and that's why we have implemented this process.  Feel free to reach out to our support team with any workflow questions at

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