Archived Tasks

Archived Tasks

After your firm marks a Task complete, it will be moved to the Archived section of your Task page.

1. Click Tasks on the left side navigation. 

2. Click the Archive tab at the top.


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        To access the Archived tasks on the Liscio Mobile App, tap the menu icon (three lines) in the upper-left of the screen. Tap the Tasks tab then tap the Archived tab to view completed tasks.
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        Task filters will help locate specific tasks on your Tasks page. ​ Task Filters include:  Type: Get a Signature, Manage To Go Items, Request Information   Owner: The firm employee who is the Task Owner Account: The Account (entity) to which the Task ...
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        1. Click on the Tasks page on the left side of the screen. 2. Click the Archived tab at the top. 3. Click on the task you want to reopen. 4. Click on the ellipses (three dots) in the upper-right corner. 5. Click Re-open Task. Tasks cannot be reopened ...
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        After you complete a Task, you must mark it complete in order for your firm can review the Task. 1. Click the Mark Complete button at the bottom of the task. 2. Once your firm reviews the Task and marks it complete on their end, the Task will be ...