Assigning Fields to Two Recipients in eDocs

Assigning Fields to Two Recipients in eDocs

When you are setting up an eDoc with multiple recipients, you can assign fields to a specific participant. You can also assign the fields to Anyone which means either user can fill them out.

To assign a field:

1. Double click on the field to edit.

2. Click the Assigned To drop-down.

3. Choose a specific signer. 

4. Click OK.

Note: If the Assigned To field is set to the first recipient (gold color), then the second recipient (blue color) will not be able to fill out those fields. If the Assigned To field is set to Anyone, then the first recipient can fill out the fields and the second recipient can also edit those fields. If the first recipient filled out the fields, the second recipient will see that they have been filled out, but can edit the fields. 

You can also click on Recipients on the right-hand side to bring in user-specific fields:

1. Click on Recipients in the authoring tools.

2. Choose a signer.

3. Bring over fields that will be assigned to a specific user or choose Anyone.

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