Bulk Exporting Organizers from Drake

Bulk Exporting Organizers from Drake

  1. From the Home window of Drake, select Last Year Data > Organizers.
  2. Click OK to Envelope Slip Sheet and/or Referral Coupon popup.  Note:  This message will display if you have not set up the envelop slip sheet under Setup > Options > Optional Documents or the referral coupon under Setup > Options > Client Communications.

  3. Select the Summary organizer. 
  4. Do not enter or select anything on the Organizer Client Selection window. Leave the Selected Clients section blank and click Next
  5. The Organizer Filter Selection screen is displayed.

    Select a filter, such as All Individual (1040) Clients, from the drop list under Select a Filter.  You may edit the filter for additional search criteria if necessary. Click Edit Filters and edit as needed.
    Also select your sort option:  Taxpayer ID, Taxpayer Last Name, Zip Code, etc. from the drop list under Sort Options.
  6. Click Next.
  7. The Basic Search Conditions window is displayed.

    Select the Return Type, Return Result, Activity, and Preparer and Firm as needed.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Select from the Additional Proforma/Organizer Options as needed. To make changes to the organizers, choose Custom Editor or Form Options, as needed. 
  10. Click Process [return type]. You can see the software search through your filter on the Proforma/Organizer Status window.

  11. The Print Organizers/Proformas window is displayed. 

  12. If you want to check the forms appearing in any one of the organizers listed, highlight that client and select View.  When finished, click OK.
  13. Choose the clients you need from the list, or choose Select All, and click Print. ONLY mark the option to Send documents to Printer and/or Save PDF copies of documents to Drake Documents, but make sure ALL OTHER boxes are UNCHECKED.
  14. Choose to send the documents to your printer, save to Drake Documents, upload to Drake Portals, and/or generate fillable PDFs.
  15. From the Print Dialog window, select your printer and/or follow the prompts (depending on print options chosen).
    Note: You can select Help on any screen for more detailed instructions.

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