CCH DataScan Plus Export

CCH DataScan Plus Export

For Individual Type:

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Go to DataScan
  3. Create New Report
  4. Name Report Based on Return Type (e.g., Individual, Partnership, etc.)
  5. Search Type: Management
  6. Source: Profile
  7. Grab all necessary fields.
  8. Choose Criteria by:
    1. Source: Government
    2. Tax Authority: FD
    3. Choose: Form 1040 - U.S. Individual Income Tax Return and Add to Criteria
    4. Change Operator to P (Present)
    5. Change Connector to OR
    6. Choose: Form 1040A - U.S. Individual Income Tax Return and Add to Criteria
    7. Change Operator to P (Present)
  9. Click Submit or Schedule Scan.
  10. Click OK.

For Partnership Type:

  1. Change Name to the entity name.
  2. Search Type: Management
  3. Source: Profile
  4. Grab all necessary fields
  5. Choose Criteria By:
    1. Source: Government
    2. Tax Authority: FD
    3. Choose: Form 1065 - Schedules L, M-1, and M-2
    4. Change Operator to P (Present)
  6. Click Submit or Schedule Scan.
  7. Click OK.

For Corporations, choose: Form 1120 - Income, Deductions, Tax and Payments

Find the Reports in the DataScan Reports file in the File Explorer.

Data Disclaimers:

  1. Do not send data files via email.
  2. The cleanliness of data uploaded depends on the cleanliness of the source data.
  3. If data is in all caps, we will convert to proper case. Please know names such as "MCDONALD" will convert to "Mcdonald".
  4. Data should include first names, last names, account/client names, email addresses, phone numbers, and entity types. 
    1. Email addresses are extremely important.  This is how you will send your invites to Liscio.  Please include as many as possible!
  5. Mobile numbers must be classified as such in order to go under the Mobile Phone category.
  6. If no entity types (i.e. S-Corp, Partnership, Trust, etc.) are listed, accounts/clients will default to Individual or Organization. 
  7. Contacts cannot share an email address.
  8. Phone numbers without area codes cannot be imported.
  9. Duplicate Account Names and Contact Names can occur if they exist in source data.
  10. Certain fields, such as Bank Account, Notes, or Birthdates, cannot be imported.

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