Checking Client Adoption in Liscio: Activation Status

Checking Client Adoption in Liscio: Activation Status

Checking client adoption in Liscio is very easy.  Here are a few ways you can do this: 

1. From the Contacts page, you can click on the Active tab at the top - this will show you all of your Active users in Liscio (meaning they have accepted the invite). You can also sort by the "Activated On" column to see who has set up their account mostly recently: 


2. Additionally, you can click on the Contact's record to see their status:


Here's a breakdown of the colored bubbles:

  1. Gray bubble = Not invited
  2. Yellow bubble = Invited, pending acceptance
  3. Green bubble = Invite accepted and account is set up
  4. Red bubble = Invite has expired (invites expire after 7 days)

3. You can also very quickly see the Contact status when viewing the Account's relationships, by hovering over the Contact's name and viewing the Contact Card:


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