Custom Branding for Firms in Liscio

Custom Branding for Firms in Liscio

What is Liscio's Custom Branding?

You asked, and we heard you. We now offer Custom Branding for firms subscribed to Liscio!

With Custom Branding, you can have your firm's Logo, personalized image, and unique colors built directly into Liscio's Login page and the browser version of Liscio. This means that your clients will see a truly unique, customized version of your Liscio page that has your firm's look and feel! 

So stand out from the crowd, set your firm apart, and reinforce your client relationship at every touchpoint, with Liscio's Custom Branding!

What are my firm's Custom Branding Options?

Liscio offers two Custom Branding Packages.

How do I get started with Custom Branding?

Simply reach out to your dedicated Liscio Account Manager, or drop a line to the Success Team at, and let them know you'd like to discuss getting Liscio Custom Branding for your firm!

Note: Custom Branding is currently only available on the desktop and mobile browser view for Clients. We'll be rolling Custom Branding out to the rest of Liscio soon!

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