Liscio eDoc/KBA Pricing & Breakdown

Liscio eDoc/KBA Pricing & Breakdown

Liscio has an Adobe Sign integration available. This integration is separate from the Get a Signature Task in Liscio. Below you'll find a quick description of the differences between the Get a Signature Task (used to capture signatures on Engagement Letters) and the Adobe Sign Integration:

Get a Signature Tasks
  1. Hosted by Liscio and requires Liscio Support assistance for uploading templates.
  2. Clients can only sign documents - they cannot fill out fields, check boxes, etc.
  3. Task can only go to one person at a time.
  4. This is a free service included in your Liscio subscription.
Adobe Sign Integration
  1. Firms have a template library and can add/edit/remove templates as needed. Liscio Support is only involved in purchasing bundles.
  2. Clients can fill out fields, check boxes, sign, complete KBA (Knowledge Base Authentication) for 8879s, etc.
  3. Tasks can be sent to multiple users (e.g., a husband and wife).
  4. Each document is $1.50 per document (not per signature) and $2.00 per KBA verification. Liscio uses LexisNexis as the third party for KBA.
    1. (Buying Liscio's eDoc bundles will lower the price per document.)
To begin using the eDoc feature, firms can purchase a few initial documents or purchase bundle packages. Please keep in mind that this is a one-time purchase  - this is not a monthly fee or a monthly subscription. The bundles also never expire.

If you would like to purchase a bundle, contact Liscio Support at and we'll complete your order through our very own Liscio account, Liscio Corp (

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