Email Integration FAQs

Email Integration FAQs

What appears in Primary Email inbox in Liscio?

Liscio will display your Primary (Gmail) and Focused (Outlook) tabs on the email page. Gmail and Outlook already filter out unnecessary items from your inbox, and we'll keep that intact. If you ever need to access something that ended up in a different tab, you can take action in Gmail and Outlook to move that email to your Primary or Focused tab.

Can everyone in my firm see all of my emails?

No. Only emails that are from clients in Liscio or emails that have been manually added to a Liscio Account or Contact will be visible to others in the firm.
  1. Only the primary user can see their Email page. It is disabled for Admins who log in as another user.
  2. Emails associated with Restricted Liscio Accounts are only visible to those with access to the restricted accounts.

Can clients see emails that have been added to their account?

Nope! Emails are only available in the firm user accounts. No change to the client experience - except more timely, coordinated communication from you and your team, of course.

What if the email is not FROM the client, but I still want it on their record?

We get it. Having a conversation with a parent about their dependents? Talking with a client's legal team? Simply select "add to Account" from the menu to have that message thread (and any future responses to that thread) associated with their record.

Does this mean I have TWO inboxes to clear now?

We wouldn't do that to you! Everything is synced, so if you’ve already responded to and filed the email in your external Gmail or Outlook account, it will not show up on your Liscio Email page. Those emails will be pulled in, associated with the Contact and Account (if from/to a Liscio contact), and moved to your done folder on the Email page.

If you delete an email from your external Gmail or Outlook account, it will also be removed from your Primary inbox in Liscio. However, if the deleted email is linked to a Liscio Contact and/or Account, it will still be accessible under the Emails Tab of that specific Contact and/or Account.

Can I create folders to organize my emails?

Because we auto-associate emails with Contact and Account records, there’s no need for folders. We organize them for you.

Can I connect a shared email address or alias?

We’re working hard to allow you to connect to multiple email addresses. For the time being, you are only able to connect the primary email tied to your account (username). If your team has a shared email that you would like to connect, you can create a Liscio user account with the shared address and enable email.

Can the same email address be connected to more than one Liscio account?

No. Email addresses can only be connected to a single Liscio account. Connecting the same email address in multiple Liscio accounts is on our roadmap.

Does this make email secure?

We’re just making your existing email visible within Liscio. For secure messaging, we still recommend using Liscio messages.

What if an email with a virus enters Liscio? Is everything in Liscio compromised?

Liscio has safeguards in place to ensure that any virus would not affect our software. We still strongly recommend that our users follow web security and internet best practices, such as system and software updates and application patches, having antivirus on any system where they are downloading or receiving attachments, and not running any executable attachments.

Can I use my email signatures in Liscio?

This is on our roadmap. In the meantime, you can copy and paste your signature into any outgoing emails in Liscio.

What if a client emails us from multiple addresses?

You can add additional emails to a Contact by editing their Contact profile. They still will only use their Primary Email to log in, but this will allow emails from different addresses to automatically sync to their Contact profile and Account(s).

What happens if a contact's primary email address is changed in Liscio?

All the emails connected to the previous primary email address will still be linked to the contact and account. Going forward, any new emails received from the new primary email address will be automatically linked to the same contact.

How many emails pulled into Liscio when connecting the integration?

The last 60 days of emails from your Primary (Gmail) and Focused (Outlook) inbox will pull into Liscio.

What happens to emails with rules and filters?

If an email is set to automatically move from the inbox to another folder through a rule or filter, Liscio will only bring it into its system if the email address is linked to a Liscio contact.

What happens to emails received from an archived contact?

To ensure you are aware of any continuing communication, any emails received from an archived contact will still auto-associate to that contact. Just remember that archiving a contact removes them from related accounts, so it won't auto-associate to any account they previously belonged to.

What happens if the email is disconnected and then reconnected from Liscio?

Great question! Any previously associated emails will remain in Liscio and maintain those client associations. Also, upon reconnecting, Liscio will again pull in 60 days of your received emails in your inbox.

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