File Access Breakdown

File Access Breakdown

To Dos & Notes: Any file attached to a To Do task or Note is for firm viewing only. Clients cannot see these files.

Firm Only (internal): Any files marked firm only (indicated by a lock icon next to the file name) can only be seen by firm employees and admins. The file can be associated with Contacts and Accounts, but clients cannot see these files.

Sharing files: Files can be shared through Liscio Vault and the Share File feature on the Files page. Sharing Firm Only files removes their Firm Only (internal) status.

Associations: Contacts associated with non-internal files have access to view these files.

Account Owners: Contacts marked as Account Owner can view any non-internal file associated with the Account.

Message Threads: When a recipient is added to a message thread that has files attached, the recipient will be able to view those files.  The files will also be automatically stored in their Files page. 

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