Files Overview

Files Overview

The Files page on the left-hand side of the screen offers a FirmView of all files uploaded to Liscio.  This means that every employee in your firm can view all of the files uploaded by or shared with your Contacts and Accounts. (Exception: Specialist employees can only view the files associated with specific Accounts.  Learn more about employee roles here.)

On the Files page, there are a number of filters to help you search for specific files. The filters include All Files (firm or client uploaded or firm only files), Source, Tag, Month, Year, Account, Contact, Active, or Archived.

When a file is manually uploaded from the Files page via the blue +Upload File button, a message can be sent to the recipient informing them of the file upload.  Manually uploaded files have the option to be marked Firm Only (internal) so clients cannot see the files.

There are a number of bulk actions that can be performed on the Files Pages.  These include deleting, finding and replacing Tags, adding and removing tags, downloading files, archiving files, and sharing files.  To perform these actions, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate these icons: 


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