Troubleshooting Liscio Connectivity

Troubleshooting Liscio Connectivity

Note: This is a technical article meant for the IT personnel or anyone responsible for IT troubleshooting in your firm.

If you're here, it means your firm is having trouble connecting to Liscio. There are a few reasons as well as fixes for that. Go through these steps sequentially and you should have Liscio up and running.

1. Establish general network connectivity

Check that the internet connectivity isn't the issue, If it is, please try restarting your internet or reach out to your Internet Service Provider. 

2. Determine if this is a site-wide issue

Are you able to reach

All sites terminate at the same load balancer. If you are unable to reach the above domain, you will need to review your security setup.

3. Checking for exceptions in your security system

In this particular order, visit the following URLs using a web browser:
If any of these are not able to be reached, there may have a security solution in place that effectively blocks access to them.

4. Troubleshooting

If you have Google Chrome browser installed, you can utilize its Developer Tools feature. It is a really great instrument to help diagnose problems. In fact, this is used quite frequently during development for the very same reason.

Procedure for launching Developer Tools in Google Chrome:
  1. Find the vertical ellipses. Mouse over and click on it. A new menu will appear below.
  2. Mouse over More Tools and yet another menu should appear.
  3. Mouse over Developer Tools and click on it.

*Note: If the firm is on Safari on macOS, access the Safari Develop menu. The troubleshooting process remains the same.

Once Developer Tools is open, we will want to:
  1. Ensure the checkboxes for Preserve Log and Disable Cached are checked.
  2. Find the offending item. You may have many items to go through.
  3. Look at the Headers as a first pass.

Your connection is not private

The following example is similar to what a customer was receiving. They were on Liscio’s website, and it had an error similar to NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID when our front-end code was making a call out to, a back-end service.

If you are not seeing this issue, then it's likely the customer has a security solution that is performing TLS inspection.

As stated above, Liscio operates out of many different subdomains, and these are not immediately visible to the customer without using an tool such as Developer Tools.

Possible issues
The browser may be configured to only permit certain sites through an allowlist.

The browser traffic may be transiting through a proxy/gateway that performs TLS inspection.

Possible solutions

Adding (sub)domains to an allowlist
In the case where you can add domain(s) to an allowlist, see if adding our domain, works. If subdomains are not covered by their policy mechanism, next try to see if wildcarding * works. If that is not allowed, you will need to have these individual subdomains added:

TLS inspection
If adding (sub)domains to an allowlist does not work, the security solution may be forcing unconditional TLS inspection. TLS was designed to prevent eavesdropping, so in this case, the customer will need to work with the security vendor to install the TLS inspector’s root certificate onto their devices. This is so the device trusts the traffic to/from the security solution.

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