Google Drive Integration

Google Drive Integration

With the Google Drive integration you can:

  1. Connect Google Drive to Liscio
  2. Attach Google Drive files directly to Messages, Tasks, and eDocs in Liscio
    Note: Google Proprietary file types (i.e. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) are not supported at this time.

*Download the attached guide at the bottom of the article for more details*

How to Connect Google Drive to Liscio:

  1. Locate your profile on the lower-left corner of your navigation page.
  2. Click Third-party Apps in the upper tabs.
  3. Click Connect in the Google Drive box to authenticate your Google Drive account.

How to Attach Google Drive Files:

  1. Click +Add New and choose Message, Task, or eDoc.
  2. When creating a new Message, Task or eDoc, navigate to Attachments below the description box, where you will see Drop Files to AttachLiscioVault or Browse.
  3. Click Browse to find Google Drive.


If you receive a 400 Error from Google, please do the following:

  1. Go to and revoke access to the Liscio app.
  2. Go back to Liscio.
  3. Click on your Profile.
  4. Click Third-Party Apps.
  5. Disconnect from Google Drive, then reconnect.

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