How to Find and Manage Files

How to Find and Manage Files

Liscio stores any file sent or received automatically in your Files page. To navigate to your Files page, click Files on the left-hand navigation panel.


Type in the search bar to locate files by file name. 


  1. All Files: Who uploaded the file (firm or client).
  2. Sources: Where the file originate (message, task, or manually uploaded).
  3. Tags: Tags categorize the type of file (tax, payroll, bank statements, etc). When uploading files on the client-side, files are auto-tagged 'Client Upload'. There is the option to add a tag (tag names are set by the firm), the Year, and Month. These specifications make it easier to find a file in your Liscio Vault (Files Page), in the future.
  4. Month: Month the file pertains to.
  5. Year: Year the file pertains to.
  6. Account: Account (personal or business) the file pertains to.
  7. Active/Archived: This is a toggle between your Active files and your Archived files. You can archive files as you feel you won't need to find them in the future. Archiving does not reflect on the firm side or for any other users associate with the file. This is a tool to keep your files section clean.

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