How to Add Liscio to Your Safe Senders List

How to Add Liscio to Your Safe Senders List

If you are not receiving emails from Liscio or you are finding Liscio emails in your Spam or Junk mail, please add Liscio to your Safe Senders list.

Whitelist ""  to make sure Liscio emails go to your inbox. 

If you still have trouble receiving Liscio emails, please contact


1. Click Contacts.

2. Click the New Contact icon.

3. Add the Liscio contact ( info to the required fields.

4. Click Add Contact button at the bottom.

5. Click Spam on the left navigation bar.

6. Select all Liscio emails.

7. Choose Not Spam to put back into the Inbox.

AT&T Web, BellSouth & SBC Email

1. Select Options.

2. Select Filters.

3. Click Add Filter.

4. On the From Header drop-down menu, click contains.

5. Enter in the text box next to the drop-down menu.

6. Use Move the message to and select Inbox from the drop-down menu.

7. Select Add Filter again.


1. Click Settings.

2. Select Internet > E-mail filtering.

3. Click Allow senders to open the settings.

4. Click Add.

5. In the Address field, enter


1. Click Spam folder to open.

2. Select all Lisico emails.

3. Select Move.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select Inbox, then click Move.

5. Select Mark As and then Not Spam.


1. Click the Mail icon.

2. Click Address Book tab.

3. Click  New Contact.

4. Add

5. Click Save.

6. Click Spam folder to open.

7. Check the box next to the Lisico email(s).

8. Click Not Spam, moving it back to the Inbox. 

1. Click Address Book.

2. Click Manage Domains.

3. Click Add.

4. Add in the text field.

5. Click Allow This Company (Domain).

If the email appears in the Suspect Email folder:

1. Click Update Whitelist in the Address Book.


1. Click Spam folder to open.

2. Select all Liscio emails.

3. Click More.

4. Click Not Spam.

5. Click the cog icon, then Settings.

6. Click Filters, then Create a new filter.

7. Enter in the To field.

Note: Do not enter email addresses in both the From and To fields as Gmail will only filter in emails that meet both criteria.

8. Click Create filter with this search.

9. In the box headed When a message arrives that matches this search select Never send it to spam.

10. Click Create filter. 

Hotmail, Windows, and MSN

1. Click Settings, then Options.

2. Click Junk Email, then Safe Senders.

3. Enter in the box, and click Add.

4. Click Save.


 1. Click Junk folder to open.

2. Select all Liscio emails, then click Not Junk.

3. In iCloud Mail, click Action pop-up menu.

4. Click Rules.

5. Click Add a Rule.

6. In the Name or email address field, enter

7. Use the Then pop-up menus to set the behavior of the rule.

Mac OS X and Mac OS Mail

1. Click Mail > Preferences.

2. Click  Rules tab.

3. Click Add Rule.

4. Enter "Whitelist: donotreply@liscio.mein the Description field to identify the new rule.

5. Make sure the criteria reads If any of the following conditions are met and that the From field is followed by Ends with.

6. Enter in the field next to the Ends with field.

7. In the Perform the following actions section set the three fields to Move Message, to the mailbox, and Inbox or a different target folder.

8. Click OK to save. 


1. Select Liscio email.

2. Click Home.

3. Click Junk, then click Never Block Sender.


1. Click the ellipses (three dots) drop-down.

2. Click Create rule...

3. Name the rule "Move messages from [Sender Name]."

4. Fill out the 3 boxes under When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions(Note: Click the words in blue to make changes.)

          a. It was received from... "[Sender Name]"

          b. and it was sent to... "" (your email address here)

          c. and it includes these words in the subject...

Note: Add any other phrases necessary.

5. Select Move the message to folder... in the Do all of the following field.

6. Click Select one.

7. Select Inbox.

8. Click OK, at the top, to save rule.


1. Search in Outlook for "Sender"

2. Click Block or Allow sender

3. Add this email address to the list of safe senders:

4. Click Save 


1. Click E-mail & More.

2. Click Options.

3. Click the Block Senders tab.

4. Select  Save blocked messages in folder.

5. Select Blocked Senders in the Save to an existing folder field.

6. Enter in the Safe List field.

7. Click Add.

8. Click OK.


1. Click Settings.

2. Click Filters, then Add.

3. Enter a Filter Name.

4. Enter in Sender field.

5. Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to.

6. Click Save, then Save again.

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