How to Fix Log In Issues with Eero Plus and Comcast SecurityEdge

How to Fix Log In Issues with Eero Plus and Comcast SecurityEdge

If you're seeing a blank white screen or an infinite loading icon while trying to sign in to Liscio, please follow these steps.

Eero Plus Instructions

  1. Open your Eero App, and from the Discover Tab tap on “Discover” then  “Eero Secure.” 
  2. Tap on “Block & Allow Sites” then  “Add Allowed Site” to add a website or domain.
  3. You'll want to input when prompted.
  4. Set your access preferences; if you enable “Network” this should allow Liscio access for all devices on the network
  5. Tap on “Done” and double-check that the list view has added.

Comcast SecurityEdge Instructions

  1. Log in to the Comcast Business SecurityEdge portal here.
  2. Select the "Block & Allow Lists" tab
  3. Enter and select "Check", then select "Allow" to add the URL to the Allow List (whitelist)

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