How to Handle Liscio Loading Issues (Desktop)

How to Handle Liscio Loading Issues (Desktop)

If you're experiencing any loading issues with the browser version of Liscio, there are a few steps that can typically have a positive impact on those issues. Here are some commonly used troubleshooting steps that we'd recommend.

1) Refresh your Browser
      Refreshing the page that you're on will usually fix most loading issues in Liscio. You can do this with the Refresh button in your browser, or by clicking Ctrl+R or the F5 key if you're on a Windows system or CMD+R or the F5 key on a Mac.

2) Clear your Browser Cache
      When we make updates and push them through to our users, it is necessary for users to clear their browser cache to ensure those changes are reflected. You can do this from a browser's settings, but in most  browsers, using Ctrl+Shift+R or CMD+Shift+R will clear your browser cache.

Hot Tip: You can use Ctrl+F5 to force clear your cache AND refresh your browser, accomplishing both actions at once!

3) Close/Restart your Browser
      Over-taxed browsers, especially those with browser tabs or windows that have been open for extended periods of time, can often lead to loading issues on other tabs. Frequently closing browsers and re-loading content can help with loading issues in Liscio.

4) Update your Browser
      Browser companies push security updates to combat malware and fix security flaws. It's tremendously important that you keep your browser up-to-date. Liscio also is designed to operate best on browsers that are up-to-date, so we strongly recommend that you regularly check for updates, or update when prompted to do.

5) Check your Internet Connectivity
      Often times, loading issues are caused by slow internet. Running a speed test to determine your upload and download speeds can indicate whether or not you have an issue with your internet speed. Restarting your router can also resolve most internet speed issues. If they are not solved by doing so, we'd recommend contacting your Internet Service Provider.

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