How to Send Multiple Tax Returns to One Contact

How to Send Multiple Tax Returns to One Contact

Upload the files to the Contact's file section:

  1. Click Contacts
  2. Search for the specific Contact
  3. Click on the Contact
  4. Click on the Files tab
  5. Click Upload
  6. Drag & drop the files to the upload box
  7. Choose a year
  8. Choose Tax as the tag
  9. Click Upload

Now that the returns are uploaded, let's inform our client:

  1. Click on the Messages tab
  2. Click the To field
  3. Select a Recipient and Account. 
  4. Add a subject: "Tax Return-Client Copy"
  5. Add a description: "Your tax returns have been uploaded.  You can find them a the top of your Files page or with the Tax tag."
  6. Click Send

Note: Make sure you name the Tax Returns correctly before uploading so your client can differentiate between the returns!



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