Increasing Client Adoption

Increasing Client Adoption

If you find you are having trouble getting your clients to start using Liscio, here are a few methods we have found work well: 
  1. Save your staff time explaining what Liscio is and why you're switching by adding firm-wide signatures.  See the PDF below for a variety of customizable options!  Find instructions for implementing signatures here (Gmail) and here (Outlook).
  2. Install the Liscio plugin on your website.
  3. Send your clients resources.  Liscio has an extensive video library and Help Center.  For example, you can send the Client Overview video in an email to resistant clients to give them a quick introduction to the platform.  
  4. Use features like eSignatures, text notifications, and file exchange to incentivize usage.  Show them how easy it is to use, and how many fewer steps it takes compared to old methods.  
  5. Use Bulk Messages for expired invites.  This way, clients will see a personalized note with their invitation.  Please reach out to Support if you would like help setting this up.
Need more ideas? Check out our Top Tips to Increase Client Adoption of Liscio and this article!

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