Intuit Practice Management Integration: How to Pull a Report

Intuit Practice Management Integration: How to Pull a Report

The report will contain the following information:

  1. Liscio Contact Name

  2. Liscio Contact Title

  3. Liscio Contact Primary Email 

  4. Intuit Practice Management Contact name

  5. Intuit Practice Management Contact Title

  6. Intuit Practice Management Contact Primary Email

  7. Smart Sort Key: This is the criteria our software uses to match records during the syncing process. It is meant to help you determine the appropriate name to give a new record in Liscio or Intuit Practice Management to ensure that they sync as desired.

To download the report :

  1. Under the Karbon integration in Liscio, click View Details. 

  2. Click the download icon in the upper-right corner. 

Note: When downloading a report of contacts from Intuit Practice Management, deleted contacts are also included.  As our integration does not pull deleted records, the number of Intuit Practice Management records included in this report will differ from the number of records listed in the report downloaded from Intuit Practice Management. 

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