Lacerte Export

Lacerte Export

  1. Go to the Clients list > Tax Type > Choose Entity (go down the list).
  2. Select all of the clients by clicking the top name at the list and clicking the shift key + end key.
  3. Once all selected, go to the Client tab at the top and click Export > Export to Fileā€¦
  4. Leave Export Type to Comma Delimited.
  5. Change the name of the file to the entity type (e.g., Individual, S-Corp, etc.).
  6. Choose the following fields:
    1. Client Information
      1. City
      2. Client Full name
      3. Client Full name, last name first name
      4. Client number
      5. Client ID
      6. Country
      7. Corporation Name *** If it is an S-Corp, it will say S Corporation Name
      8. Due Date of Return
      9. Email Address
      10. Federal ID Number
      11. Firm Number
      12. Fiscal Year End
      13. Partnership Name
      14. Postal Code
      15. Phone Number
      16. Region
      17. State
      18. Street Address
      19. Taxpayer Email Address
      20. Taxpayer First Name
      21. Taxpayer Last Name
      22. Taxpayer Home Telephone Number
      23. Taxpayer Mobile Phone
      24. Taxpayer Occupation
      25. Taxpayer Social Security Number
      26. Taxpayer Title/Suffix
      27. Taxpayer Work Telephone Number
      28. Type of Entity
      29. Zipcode
      30. *** Grab any other fields that may be relevant to our data upload templates
  7. Click OK.

View video instructions here: How to Export Profile Information

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