Liscio Corp vs. Your Firm's Liscio Account

Liscio Corp vs. Your Firm's Liscio Account

What is Liscio Corp?
  1. This is the first Liscio platform you are invited into and asked to sign your agreement with us.
  2. You'll continue to use Liscio Corp to message and upload client data/logo files to your Liscio Account Manager. 
  3. You can easily know you're in Liscio Corp by referring to the web address and seeing
  4. You are viewing Liscio as a client of ours.  You can see exactly how your client's will interact with Liscio when they are in your firm's account.

Once your firm's Liscio account is ready, you'll receive a new activation email.  You'll use the same email but create a new password.  Going forward you'll use the same email and password to log in to both Liscio Corp and your firm's Liscio account.

Your Liscio Account will have your firm's unique URL, as seen in the above example.
  1. You will invite your clients and employees into your firm's Liscio account.
  2. You will be in your firm's Liscio account 99% of the time, working with your team and clients.  You will only switch over to Liscio Corp to interact with your Liscio Account Manager.

How to Switch between Liscio Corp and your firm's Liscio account: How to Switch between Multiple Liscio URLs

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