Liscio for Outlook Troubleshooting

Liscio for Outlook Troubleshooting

Liscio for Outlook Troubleshooting

  1. If you are on the Outlook Desktop App using terminal server / hosting environments and having issues, please contact Liscio Support.
    1. Note: The integration works best with modern technology. Please use Outlook 2019 or Microsoft 365. If you are on a 2012 terminal server, you may not be able to integrate.

  2. If you are not seeing the Browse Add-ins button or it is grayed out, please be sure you are logged into your paid Outlook account. Here's how to check:
                  1. Click File in the upper-left corner.

                  2. Under Account Information, check that the email address listed is your paid O365 or Microsoft Exchange account.
                        Note: The main account should not be IMAP/SMTP

                  3. If it is not, click +Add Account to add your paid O365 or Microsoft Exchange account. Then check for the Browse Add-ins button.

  1. If you are seeing an error stating, "An internal error occurred in the Microsoft Internet extensions", try checking and see if you have Protected Mode turned on. The top-rated comment on this thread displays steps on how to solve this problem:


  1. If you are having trouble getting Liscio for Outlook to work on the Outlook Desktop App, try these steps:

                  1. Click File in the upper-left corner.

                  2. Click on Options in the bottom-left corner.

                  3. Click on Add-ins in the pop-up.

                  4. Click on the Go... button.

                  5. Click on the Add button.

                  6.   Download the attached to this help article, extract, select the manifext.exe file, and choose Open.

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