Liscio's Rollout Email Signatures

Liscio's Rollout Email Signatures

As part of your Liscio rollout, clients should be prepped ahead of their invites. While Rollout Email Templates are the most critical way to do this, use of Email Signatures can aid in a greater adoption rate as well.

Liscio's Rollout Email Signatures (attached below) provide a passive opportunity for firms to communicate to their clients that a migration to Liscio is coming. Each time a firm communicates through email, clients will see a message stating the firm's intention to move to Liscio, a brief description of what Liscio is, when they can expect the invitation, and contact information for our Liscio Support team.

Once firms have also sent invitations and are using Liscio, we strongly encourage utilizing our Email Signatures to remind clients that Liscio is how they should be communicating with you. Our most successful firms do this in the form of an auto-reply message. We provide a number of different email signatures available to use in whatever capacity you wish, depending on how strong you'd like the reminder to your clients to be.

Our Email Signatures are able to be copied as text and pasted into your email signature or auto-reply fields. We do encourage firms to personalize the signatures as they wish so that they convey the message to their clients in a familiar voice.

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