Liscio Training Video

Liscio Training Video

This training video is for Firm employees and administrators.

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      • Employee Roles

        There are three Employee Roles in Liscio:  Firm Administrator ​Firm Administrators can perform the following:  Add employees Edit Employees Archive Employees Grant Signing Authority Assign a Default Message Recipient Use the Log Me In As feature ...
      • How to Deactivate an Employee Record

        If an employee leaves your firm, you may want to deactivate (archive) their record.  Archiving removes the employee from all Client Service Teams, prevents users from messaging the employee, and prevents the employee from accessing Liscio.  Only Firm ...
      • Quickly Add New Contacts and Accounts When Uploading a File

        When uploading files you can quickly add and invite new Contacts and Accounts. Click +Add New. Click File. Uncheck the Make Private box. Click on the To  field. Under Recipient, type in the new contact's name. Click the blue + button. Add an email ...
      • Karbon Integration: Creating New Records

        You can create and link new records in Karbon or Liscio directly from the Liscio integrations page. Click the ellipses (three dots) in the lower-left corner, then Admin, then Integrations. Under the Karbon integration, click View Details. Use the ...
      • How to Resend an Invite to an Employee

        To resend an invite to an employee in Liscio, you must have Admin privileges. Click the Ellipses (three dots) on the bottom left of the screen. Click Admin. Click Users. Click the Employees tab. Locate record(s) that have the red exclamation point on ...