Machine Learning: Auto-Tagging in Liscio Dispatch

Machine Learning: Auto-Tagging in Liscio Dispatch

Liscio Dispatch now includes Machine Learning!

What It Is: Our goal in introducing Machine Learning is to create a seamless experience for you and your team. Whenever you upload a file to Liscio through Liscio Dispatch, our Machine Learning technology will automatically add Tags and Year/Month labels based on the file name. 
When we say Machine Learning, we mean it learns from you. It is a dynamic process that adjusts its behavior to support how you use the platform.  It may not seem perfect at first, but the more you use it, the better it will become!   Remember when you first started using Netflix and the recommended movies weren’t all that great?  Then after a few months they became pretty spot on?  That’s Machine Learning! 
How It Works: The way you name and tag your files in Liscio will determine the accuracy of the Machine Learning technology. First, let’s talk about Tags. We have developed a list of Tags optimized for this process. This means that the more you use these Tags in Liscio, the better the technology will become at adding the correct ones automatically!  Second, there are a few file naming conventions we encourage you to use.  You can find a list of optimized Tags and naming best practices below. Just keep these two pieces of info in mind and pretty soon you’ll never have to add a Tag again!

Optimized Tags: 1099, 941, Accounting, Agreement, Audit, Bank & CC Statement, Bookkeeping, Financials, Invoice, Miscellaneous, Notice, Payroll, Payroll Tax, Permanent, Sales Tax, Source Documents, Statements, Tax, Tax Returns, W-2

File Naming for Dates: Standard format full dates, i.e. 10-15-2020 will produce best results. Written 3 character month abbreviations (Jan, Feb , Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec) also work well.

Fast-Tagging Hotkeys
Months: January-J, February-F, March-M or H, April-AP, May-AY, June-NE, July-LY, August-G, September-SE, October-CT, November-V, December-D

Tags: Tax-AX, Financials-F, Payroll-AY, Statements-ST, SourceDocs-RC, Permanent-ER, Miscellaneous-SCE, 1099-1, Audit-AU, W-2-W

Note: Machine Learning is currently only available in Liscio Dispatch.  It will be released for browser use later this year.

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