Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

With the OneDrive integration you can:

  1. Connect Microsoft OneDrive to Liscio
  2. Attach OneDrive files directly to Messages, Tasks, and eDocs in Liscio

*Download the attached guide at the bottom of the article for more details*

How to Connect Microsoft OneDrive to Liscio:

1. Locate your profile on the lower-left corner of your navigation page.

2. Click 
Third-party Apps in the upper tabs.

3. Click Connect in the OneDrive box to authenticate your OneDrive account.

How to Attach OneDrive Files:

1. Click +Add New and choose Message, Task, or eDoc.
2. When creating a new Message, Task or eDoc, navigate to Attachments below the description box, where you will see Drop Files to Attach, LiscioVault or Browse.

3. Click Browse to find OneDrive.

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