Recalling Sent Requests & Organizers

Recalling Sent Requests & Organizers

If you've made a mistake in the request or just need it removed from client access, you can simply Recall the request. This will immediately archive the request and clients will no longer see it on their end. 

You may need to recall a request if:
  1. You have sent the wrong request to a client. 
  2. The request you sent has questions not pertaining to the assignee. 
  3. The wrong organizer was sent to the assignee.

Here are the steps on how to recall a request/organizer:
  1. In the Requests page, click the 3 dots in the row of the request/organizer you'd like to recall. 
  2. Click Recall Request and in the next box, confirm the recall.

The request will then be moved to the Archived tab. 

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