Request Progress Bar Calculation

Request Progress Bar Calculation

The percentage displayed in the Progress Bar for Requests is calculated as follows:

Questions Containing Responses / Total Questions + Relevant Conditional Questions

Relevant refers to any Conditional (a.k.a. "child") questions which should be answered by the respondent based on their response to the "parent" question; conversely, any irrelevant Conditional questions are excluded from the denominator. Questions containing a response of This item does not apply to me are counted when calculating the numerator.

Calculation prior to March 29th, 2024
Prior to March 29th, 2024, the percentage displayed in the Progress Bar for requests was calculated as follows:

Questions Containing Responses / Total Questions + All Conditional Questions

The prior calculation generally resulted in an understatement of the completion progress, as all Conditional questions (whether relevant to this respondent or not) were included in the denominator. Unless a client just so happened to respond to all "parent" questions in such a way that all Conditional questions applied, it was effectively impossible for respondents to attain 100% completion.

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