Sending Clients an Invoice

Sending Clients an Invoice

Invoices can be sent from the main Billing Page or under an Account's Billing tab.

Stripe must be enabled to have Billing access.


  1. From the Billing Page or an Account's Billing tab,
  2. Click +New in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click New Invoice
    1. If using the QuickBooks Online integration,
      1. Click Search and Link existing invoice.
      2. Type in the name of the client in the Account Name box or search by invoice number.
      3. Click Search Invoice.
      4. Click on the invoice you wish to send to the client.
        *The Account, Invoice No, Item, Payment Terms, Amount, and Due Date will be pulled in from the QBO invoice.
      5. Select the Contact who is paying the bill.
        Note: Only Account Owners can receive invoices.
      6. Remain the Task Owner or select another firm member.
      7. Continue to Step 4.
    2. If not using QBO integration,
      1. Select the Account and Contact who is paying the bill.
        Note: Only Account Owners can receive invoices.
      2. Remain the Task Owner or select another firm member.
      3. Add Invoice Number.
      4. Select Item.
        Note: Type in the item of service for this invoice 
      5. Select Invoice Date (if necessary).
      6. Select Payment Terms.
        Note: The Due Date will populate based on the payment terms selected.
        1. Due Upon Receipt (due date =invoice date)
        2. NET15 (due date = invoice date + 15 days)
        3. NET30 (due date = invoice date + 30 days)
        4. NET45 (due date = invoice date + 45 days)
      7. Add invoice Amount.
  4. Select the payment method.
    - Credit Card (limit $6,000)
    - ACH Only (limit $5,000)
    - Card and ACH
    Note: If the payment is made via credit card, Stripe will deduct 2.99% from the amount. If the payment is made with ACH, Stripe will deduct $1 from the amount. Your clients do not have the option to make partial payments.
  5. Add an Invoice Description and Message, and attachments if necessary.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review the Invoice Summary and click Send Invoice.

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