Sidebar Menu Overview

Sidebar Menu Overview

To navigate throughout the platform, use the left-hand sidebar menu.

Click Home to navigate to your Dashboard (home page).

Click Add New to send a message to your firm or upload a file.

Click the Inbox page to navigate to your inbox.

Click the Tasks page to navigate to tasks assigned to you or pending the review of your firm.

If you are an Account Owner, the Accounts page displays the account information and files that are associated with that account.

Click the Files page to view your files.

Click Help to open the Liscio help center.

Click your name to access your profile settings.  In the Profile section, you can edit your password, name, and change your profile picture.

Click the ellipses (three dots) in the lower left-hand corner to log out.

Note: Depending your screen size and zoom settings, items on the sidebar may be hidden.  To access those pages, hover over the menu and scroll down. 

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