The Difference Between Accounts and Contacts

The Difference Between Accounts and Contacts


The Accounts page is like a client profile page and contains all the company’s information including company name or 1040 name for Individuals, contact information, demographic information, EINs or SSNs, taxpayer details, and more. (Keep in mind, clients can be companies like XYZ Company or individuals like James Adams.)


Contacts are the people you interact with in Liscio. Each Contact must have a primary email to be invited into the platform. Contacts contain contact information, such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Contacts cannot share primary emails. Contacts are tied to their Accounts, including their 1040s and/or businesses. 

Note: A Contact may be linked to several Accounts, however, they only need to have one email address.  To learn how to switch between multiple Liscio Accounts, check out this article

Please watch the video below for more detail:

Note: Video images may be slightly different than the version of Liscio you experience.

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