Turning an Email into a Task

Turning an Email into a Task

From an email, create a task with due dates and automatic reminders for yourself, the client, or someone on your team. This could be when a client sends in a request that can't be completed until month end, create a To Do Task for yourself and set a due date that's appropriate. Or a client sends an email with missing information, create a task for the client requesting the remaining of the information. Task reminders will chase clients for you!

To Create a Task from an Email:

  1. Click on an email to open it.

  2. Click the Create Task icon to the right of the email you wish to create a task from. Note: There are ellipses next to each reply. To turn a single reply into a task, click the ellipses next to that reply. To turn an entire email thread into a task, click the ellipsis next to the very last reply.

  3. Click Create Task.

  4. Click on the Task dropdown to select Task Type. Note: To Do is default. We believe in most cases, you'll be delegating this task to an employee or yourself. To Do tasks are completely internal and clients can never see it.

  5. If you are creating a To Do Task.

    1. Select an Employee.

    2. If needed, select an Account and Contact.

  6. For all other Task Types, select an Account and Contact. This is necessary to ensure the correct Account and Contact receive the task.

  7. Click on the Date to change the task’s due date, if necessary. Note: The default date is one week from the day it was created.

  8. To change the Task Owner, click the Owner dropdown to select a firm employee you want to own the task.

  9. Enter a Subject and Description, or click into the subject line and select a task template.

  10. Drag and drop files, or click Liscio Vault or Browse to add attachments, if necessary.

  11. Click Create Task.

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