Your Guide to Starting Liscio

Your Guide to Starting Liscio

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        As part of your Liscio rollout, clients should be prepared in advance of receiving their invitations. One effective method to achieve this is through an email campaign that introduces Liscio to your clients. The Liscio Client Introduction Email ...
      • Setup & Data Guide

        Setup Items ​ We have 2 EASY steps to export and send your client data to us! Data Export: Step 1 Select your current client contact data software from the list below. From there, you will be guided through exporting your client contact data into an ...
      • Liscio Dispatch and Liscio For Outlook

        Liscio Dispatch and Liscio for Outlook We have made the decision to remove Liscio Dispatch and Liscio for Outlook from the list of Liscio Apps tab in the Profile Settings. Liscio is not actively supporting Liscio Dispatch at this time. As for Liscio ...
      • Liscio's Rollout Email Signatures

        As part of your Liscio rollout, clients should be prepped ahead of their invites. While Rollout Email Templates are the most critical way to do this, use of Email Signatures can aid in a greater adoption rate as well. Liscio's Rollout Email ...
      • Custom Branding for Firms in Liscio

        What is Liscio's Custom Branding? You asked, and we heard you. We now offer Custom Branding for firms subscribed to Liscio! With Custom Branding, you can have your firm's Logo, personalized image, and unique colors built directly into Liscio's Login ...