Adobe Sign Limitations

Adobe Sign Limitations

Typeface (Fonts)

Adobe Sign operates with a total of six fonts (Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, Source Code Pro, Roboto, Slabo13px, and Lato). If templates in Liscio are set up using a font outside of Adobe's font list, problems may occur with the template when it is sent for signature. 

If your template is using fonts outside of Adobe's font list, follow these instructions: 

1. Click EDOCS on the left-hand navigation.
2. Click Template Library.
3. Hover over the template you need to edit and click the Edit icon on the far right.
4. Delete all text fields. (Note: You do not need to update checkboxes/dropdowns.)
5. Once deleted, re-add all text fields. (Note: Newly added text fields will have Adobe font automatically.)
6. Repeat Step 5 until all fillable fields are updated with the appropriate Adobe font. 
7. Once finished, click Save in the lower-right corner. 


  1. Once an agreement is sent out, it will expire in 180 days.
  2. Data in the form will expire when the agreement expires (180 days).
  3. Files attached to documents will expire in 7 days.
  4. Files attached to documents will expire (be removed) if a user leaves the session and comes back to finish later.
  5. Session time expires in 60 minutes.

    Signing Order and Recpient Fields

    If a field is assigned to 'Anyone', ensure that Signing Order for the eDoc is turned on. If Signing Order for an eDoc is turned off, and the recipient field is assigned to 'Anyone', the field will be locked to all signers.  


    Size Limits

    1. Maxes During Agreement Creation: 
      1. Max Upload Files = 50 Files
      2. Max Page Count Per File = 100 
      3. Max File Size = 30 MB
    2. Maxes Supporting Documents During Signing: 
      1. Max Number of Pages = 25
      2. Max File Size = 5 MB

    Sending Bulk eDocs

    1. Fields cannot be prefilled by the sender when sending out bulk eDocs.

    Combining Signed Documents

    1. Once an agreement is signed in Liscio, Adobe Sign CDS encrypts and “seals” the final documents so they cannot be modified or tampered with. This prevents the ability to combine other documents and signed Adobe Sign documents into a single PDF because the signed document is password protected. While this can be considered a limitation, it is also an important security standard that other signing software doesn't offer.

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