Client Service Team (CST) Restriction

Client Service Team (CST) Restriction

If a Contact is tied to an Account(s) that has a Client Service Team, their recipient list (when creating a message) will be restricted to only members on their Account's Client Service Team.

Here's a quick example: Leslie is tied to Dunder Mifflin. Dunder Mifflin's CST is Corbin and Emily. Leslie will only be allowed to choose Emily or Corbin as a message recipient.


Recipient List available to Leslie: 


If a Contact is tied to an Account that does not have a CST OR is not tied to an Account at all, their recipient list will not be restricted.

Please note that if enabled, contacts can only initiate messages to the members of the CST. However, a firm employee that is not on the CST can message the contact (and the contact can respond). 

Note: To enable this update please contact Liscio Support.

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