How to Add Employees

How to Add Employees

Note: To add an employee, you must be a Firm Admin. 

  1. Click the ellipses (3 dots) in the bottom left corner. 

  2. Click Admin

  3. Click Users

  4. Click the Employees tab in the top of your screen. 

  5. Click + Employee

  6. Fill out the employee's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. 

  7. Choose a role for the Employee.

  8. Grant Signing Authority, or leave the checkbox blank.

    • Signing Authority defined: Signing Authority allows the employee to sign on behalf of the firm when engagement letters or consent to release letters are sent.

  9. Grant Default Message Recipient, or leave the checkbox blank.

    • DMR defined: The Default Message Recipient will receive notifications when Account changes are made and if files are uploaded to an Account when there are no Client Service Team members assigned to an Account. There can only be one Default Message Recipient.

  10. Click Create

  11. The Employee will now be invited to Liscio. 

To re-invite an employee, hover over their name and click the arrow icon on the far right to resend the invite. ‚Äč

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