Employee Roles

Employee Roles

There are three Employee Roles in Liscio: 

Firm Administrator

Firm Administrators can perform the following: 
  1. Add employees
  2. Edit Employees
  3. Archive Employees
  4. Grant Signing Authority
  5. Assign a Default Message Recipient
  6. Use the Log Me In As feature
  7. Customize tags
  8. Monitor text logs
  9. Restrict Accounts
  10. Set up Integrations and monitor eDoc balance
Note: There is no limit to the number of Firm Administrator Roles per Firm.

Firm Employee

Firm Employees can utilize the principal features of the Liscio platform (Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Messages, Files, etc.). Firm employees cannot perform any of the Firm Administrator privileges listed above. 


Specialists can only access the Accounts to which they are assigned.  Within their assigned Accounts, they have the same access as a Firm Employee. However, they cannot create new Accounts, and can only create new Contacts under an Account they are assigned.

This is great for contractors, part-time workers, or simply restricting employee access.

To Assign Roles:

  1. Click on the ellipses (three dots) on the lower-left corner.
  2. Click Admin (If you do not see this you are not a Firm Admin).
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click the Employees tab at the top of the screen
  5. Hover over the employee to whom you would like to assign a Role.
  6. Click the edit icon on the right-hand side.
  7. Use the drop-down on the Role field and select the new Role.
  8. Click Update.

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