How to Check the Status of an eDoc in Liscio

How to Check the Status of an eDoc in Liscio

There are two ways to track eDocs after they have been sent.

On the eDocs page: 

1. Click EDOCS on the left-hand navigation.

2. Notice the status tabs at the top:
  1. In Progress (sent to signers)
  2. Completed (signed)
  3. Cancelled 
  4. Draft (Pro-Tip: Deleting a Draft will credit that eDoc back to your balance.)


3. Click on an Agreement to view additional details:


4. Here you can: 
  1. Cancel the agreement.
  2. Download the file audit report.
  3. Download the document.
  4. Follow the agreement to the Task by clicking on the word Task next to the status (e.g., "Sent for Signature"). This will show you comments/task history.

On the Tasks page: 

1. Once the eDoc is sent, you will find it on the Tasks page under Open Tasks tab.
      Pro-Tip: Comment on the Task to nudge your Client into signing quicker. Clients will be notified via email and push notification when a Comment       is made.
2. When the eDoc has been signed, the Task Owner will receive a notification. The Task will be moved to the Pending Review tab. 

3. The signed document will be stored in the File page of the firm and the related Contact and Account. 
4. Once the Task is marked complete by the firm, it will be moved to the Archive tab for future reference.

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