How to Create a Manage To Go Items Task

How to Create a Manage To Go Items Task

Manage To Go Item is a Task that allows you to inform clients when they need to pick something up or if you are mailing or delivering something to them.

There are 3 types of Manage To Go Types:

1. Pickup: Client needs to pick up an item at the firm.
2. Mail: Firm is going to mail a client an item.
3. Delivery: An item will be delivered to the client via online or mail. 

To create a Manage To Go Item Task:

1. Click the +Add New in the upper-left side of your screen.
2. Click Task.
3. Click Manage To Go Items.
4. Select the Account and the Contact.
5. Set a Due Date (or make it recurring).
6. Choose the To-Go Type.
7. Chose the Document Type.
8. Enter a Subject and Description, or click into the subject line and select a task template
9. Click Create Task.

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