How to e-Sign in Liscio (Mobile)

How to e-Sign in Liscio (Mobile)

1. Log into the Liscio Mobile App

2. Tap on your Task (towards the bottom of the screen). New tasks will show in bold font. 


3. Once in the Task, tap Click here to review and sign... Or the blue Review & Sign button.

4. Your eSignature form will now show. Tap Continue.

5. Tap the Start in the upper-right corner to begin filling out the document. 


6. Pinch the screen to zoom in on the document. Tap on the fields to begin typing. Fill out the fields as needed. 


7. Once you have filled out the fields and have made it to the signature field, tap Sign here.


8. Type your name in the box that says "Enter your name" and use your finger to sign your name.

Screenshot_20200213-165253.png     Screenshot_20200213-165315.png

9. Tap Apply.

10. Tap Finish in the upper-right corner.


11. Tap Tap to sign.


12. The document has now been sent to the firm for review and a signed copy is available in your Liscio Files Section. 



To find the signed copy:

1. Tap the back arrow until you reach the dashboard. 


3. Tap Files

4. Your signed copy will show at the very top (the most recent files show at the top). 


5. Tap on the file to preview it. 


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