How to Upload a Template to Liscio's eDoc Library

How to Upload a Template to Liscio's eDoc Library

Note: Adobe Sign does not allow users to edit the text of a document. Adobe Sign only allows users to edit the document using the authoring tools, such as adding a text box or signature field. If edits should be made to the document, please make those changes in Word before uploading as a template. 

  1. Click EDOCS on the left-hand side. 
  2. Click Template Library.
  3. Click +Add Template to Library.
  4. Name your template.
  5. Drag & drop your template, choose from Liscio Vault, or click Browse.
  6. Click Preview and Add Fields.
  7. The Adobe Sign integration will now pop up. You can drag & drop fields onto the template. Please note that you can also use the Form Fields tool in the upper-left corner - Adobe Sign can detect what fields will likely be fillable. See a quick tutorial below. 
  8. Click Save.

‚ÄčA few notes on the template setup:

  • Double-click to make fields required. 
  • To bring in signatures, use Signature Fields.
  • To bring in signer info (date, title, etc.), use Signer Info Fields.
  • To bring in text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons, use Data fields.
  • To request attachments, use More Fields and drag and drop the File Attachment field. 

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