eDoc Authoring Tools

eDoc Authoring Tools

Prefill Recipient

Under the Recipients drop-down menu, there is an option to select Prefill.  Assigning fields to the Prefill recipient will allow firm users to fill in those fields before sending the document to your clients.  This is useful if you need to customize your eDoc template depending on the recipient.  For example, by marking a File Attachment field as Prefill, you can attach client-specific files to each eDoc.

Note: The Prefill recipient does not have access to the Signature Field or Signer Info Fields authoring tools. 
           Prefill fields cannot be used when using bulk actions to send eDocs in bulk.


Check Box vs Radio Button 

Check boxes allow the recipient to select multiple options.  Radio buttons only allow the recipient to make a single selection. When you drag the Radio Button field onto the eDoc, you will be asked how many options you would like to add to the group.  Designate the number of selections your client must choose from to ensure that they can only select one.  Note that if you change the Radio buttons shape, it will reflected only after the eDoc is completed.

Multiple Recipients

Learn how to add assign fields to multiple recipients here.

Customizing Fields 

There are a number of customization actions you can perform on a field after you have added it to your eDoc. To access these options, double right-click on the field or left-click and select Edit.  Customization options vary depending on the field type, but these are a few that you may find useful: 

Required: Marking a field as required means that the recipient will not be able to submit the eDoc unless they have filled out that field. 
Read Only: This option prevents the recipient from editing the field.
Mask Field Data: All characters in a masked field display as asterisks on the completed PDF.
Default Value: Determines what text will populate in the field by default.
Conditions: This allows you to alter the accessibility of a field depending on the selection made in a different field.  For a more detailed video on conditional formatting, please follow this link.


To learn more about Adobe's authoring tools, please see here

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