How to Send an eDoc

How to Send an eDoc

1. Click +Add New.

2. Click eDoc.

3. Choose the Recipient(s) and click OK. Click back in the To field to add additional recipients. 

      Note: eDocs can have multiple signers. This only counts as one document. 

4. Choose to have a Signing Order or not. This means that the document will be sent for signature to the first recipient and will not be sent to the second recipient until the first recipient completes their portion. 

5. If you'd like to include KBA (knowledge base authentication), click the KBA checkbox. KBA is typically used when sending 8879s for signature. 

6. Use an eDoc Description Template


7. Add an Agreement Title and Description. 

8. You can now add your file. You can add this by:
  1. Dragging & dropping a file.
  2. Attaching from Liscio Vault.
  3. Attaching from your Template Library.
  4. Browsing on your computer.

9. Click Prepare Doc for Signing.


10. On this next step, you'll see the Adobe Sign Integration. You can use the authoring tools on the right by dragging & dropping the field onto the appropriate spot on the form. You can bring in: 
  1. E-Signature
  2. Initials
  3. Recipient name
  4. Recipient email
  5. Date of Signing
  6. Text
  7. Date
  8. Number
  9. Checkbox
  10. Radio button 
  11. or click View more to see additional items.

Double-click on any field to make it required, edit dropdown options, make a field Read-Only (not editable by the client), etc. 

11. If you'd like to save this form as a template, click Save in the lower-left corner. 

12. Click Send.

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