How to Set Up eDocs

How to Set Up eDocs

Adobe Sign is integrated into Liscio through eDocs.

Please note that the integration setup process includes creating an Adobe Sign account and may present a few obstacles. Please visit the articles below to learn more:

  1. What do I do if the email I intend to use is tied to a paid Adobe account?
  2. What do I do if the email I intend to use is tied to an Adobe account but not Adobe billing?
  3. How do I create an alias in Outlook?
  4. How do I use my Gmail address for Liscio's eSignature integration setup?
  5. How do I add a Firm Administrator for the Adobe Integration in Liscio without being charged for an additional user?
  6. Why should I avoid a personal email address?


*Warning* Do NOT add the "Do Not Reply" support team (seen below) as your Adobe Admin. *Warning*

  1. Click the ellipses (three dots) in the lower-left corner, then click Admin, and then Integrations

  2. Click Create Adobe Account.

  3. Select the employee with the email address for the connection. Learn how to set up an Adobe account with an email alias here
  4. Click "Create User"

    Note: If you see the error "USER_EXISTING" or "INVALID_ACCOUNT," this email has been registered with a previous Adobe Account and cannot be used for the connection.

  5. You will receive two emails from Adobe. Click the email titled Your Adobe Sign Account.
  6. Create a password to use with this Account.
  7. Navigate back to Liscio.
  8. Click Connect.
  9. You will be sent to the Adobe sign in page. Sign in.
  10. Adobe will prompt you with an ALLOW ACCESS button. 
  11. Once you click it, you will be returned to Liscio and the account will show as CONNECTED.
  12. After this set up is complete, navigate to the Admin -> Employees page, locate the Adobe Admin employee you just created, and archive the employee. This will not impact your Adobe integration, but will ensure that users do not try to message or assign anything to this employee.  
Note: If at any time you'd like to change the Adobe Admin, please contact Support. Please DO NOT deactivate or change the email address on the Adobe account, this will cause issues with your integration.

How to Purchase Additional eDocs: 

To purchase a bundle of signatures, please contact us at or 765-566-7127.

Find our Pricing Guide here.

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