How to Add a Firm Administrator for the Liscio Adobe Integration Without Being Charged for an Additional User

How to Add a Firm Administrator for the Liscio Adobe Integration Without Being Charged for an Additional User

1. Click the ellipses (three dots) in the lower-left corner.

2. Click Admin.

3. Click Users.

4. Click +Employee.

5. For First Name, enter Adobe.

6. For Last Name, enter Admin.

7. For the Email, enter either the Outlook alias you created based on these instructions, or the Gmail alias you created based on these instructions

8. For Role, choose Firm Administrator.

9. Click Create.

10. An invite email to join Liscio will be sent to this new employee. Go to the Welcome to Liscio email and set up the new employee's account. 

11. Once you have set up the new user and are logged in, please follow these instructions to enable your Adobe Integration: How to Set Up eDocs.

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