Alerts for File Uploads and Account Updates

Alerts for File Uploads and Account Updates

Alerts are notifications for manual client file uploads and Account updates. Account updates include any changes a client makes on their Account Overview, Payroll, or Logins tab. Alerts can be replied to and archived just like a message.

When you are on the Client Service Team for an Account or are the Default Message Recipient, you will receive Alerts. You will also receive an Alert if a client manually uploads a file directly to you.‚Äč

Note: If the client adds a custom message when uploading the file, you will receive a message in your Inbox, but will not receive an Alert.

To keep the Inbox decluttered, we keep these notifications separated from Inbox messages.  You can access your Alerts on the Home Dashboard or by clicking Inbox on the left navigation panel and selecting the Alerts tab.

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