Liscio Email Integration (Outlook and Gmail)

Liscio Email Integration (Outlook and Gmail)

Email is meant to aid client adoption, making it easier for you to receive information from the client how they wish to communicate - while having it in a secure platform alongside files, tasks, esignatures and more!
  1. Stay Focused
    1. We prioritize emails that are pulled in so firms can focus on the email from or about their clients.
    2. Outlook will only sync from the Focused inbox and Gmail will only sync from the Primary inbox.
      1. Emails in Outlook's "Other" inbox won't appear in Liscio.
      2. Emails from Gmail's Social, and Promotional inbox won't appear in Liscio.
      3. Emails filtered or moved to other folders, like Spam or Junk, will not appear in Liscio.
  2. Get a Clear View
    1. Convert an email into a Liscio task for someone on the team, yourself, or a client. See task status without sifting through emails or having to "circle back".
  3. Everything in One Place
    1. Emails will automatically be associated with the Contact and Account.
      1. Pro-tip: Add all email addresses a client uses under their contact record to have all emails pulled in.
  4. Visibility for the Entire Firm
    1. End the CC and CC chaos, being looped in an email thread for "visibility". View emails associated with Accounts.

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